simple. perfect. natural. 

There is nothing more beautiful and perfect to photograph than a newborn. They are incredible in every detail, and I like to photograph them in an authentic and natural way without any distractions.

Less is more for timeless and powerful images. 

newborn baby simple photography style


Timing is crucial with newborn shoots. Baby should be aged between 7 to 14 days old for best results.

I can be fully booked 3 months in advance, so I recommend getting in contact after your 20 week scan. I only need your due date to get you booked in. 

Once you are booked in, I will schedule times for you around your due date. When baby actually arrives {hooray!} just send me a text & I will get back to you with a few choices for your session.  

If you have left it late to book and missed the 7 to 14 day stage, I recommend a Newborn lifestyle session (see below) which is far less time-critical.


My photography style is soulful, environmental, and authentic, as you can see from my family sessions.  This style carries across to my newborn photography, to capture your new baby authentically with feeling.

So if you want very stylised newborn photography using hats, headbands, bowls and baskets, unfortunately I am not the newborn photographer for you.

However if you want a more natural, relaxed and authentic style of newborn photography I am excited to work with you. I have two options within that style.

Newborn portrait session

Newborn portrait sessions take place at my home studio so the light is consistent and predictable. I'll use some relaxed poses, some with baby wrapped and some naked to show off their soft skin & chubby rolls. With only baby to photograph we have lots of time for baby, and we can capture all the details like fingers, toes, and eyelashes. The focus is very much on baby to get simple perfect portraits.

Newborn lifestyle session

Newborn lifestyle sessions take place at your home, and document baby and you as parents in a natural style, showing your life as it is right now. We will capture some portraits of baby but there is no formal posing involved, we will also capture shots of you and baby and details about baby's first weeks using a documentary approach. 

So if you are keen to get natural photos of you and baby a newborn lifestyle session will suit you best. Having those early photos of yourself as a new mum is fabulous and something to be treasured.  

If you are unsure which session would suit you best, just give me a call to discuss.

newborn lifestyle photography wilmslow


Newborn shoots take up to 4 hours, because baby's needs take priority. We allow time for feeds, nappy changes and soothing baby.  

For Newborn Portrait Sessions we want baby asleep, and I will give you some tips beforehand to help achieve this. But please don’t feel I expect you to arrive with a sleeping baby, it is a co-operative effort between me and you. Although you might feel that getting a baby to sleep is a lottery, I have lots of experience here. I take baby’s lead and take things slow, and provide a calm comforting environment for baby. The key is just patience, so sometimes I don’t take a single photo for an hour, that’s why your session may be long. 

For Newborn Lifstyle Sessions we can be a bit more relaxed so baby will only be sleeping for some of the shots, because we are not aiming for that perfect portrait but a real authentic depiction of your new life together. Don't worry about tidying up before I come to your house either, I really don't expect parents of a newborn to have a pristine house.We discuss your priorities and which type of images are your priorities just before your shoot.


If this isn’t your first baby, and depending on the age of your older child/children, you may be wanting to include sibling(s) in your session.

If you are keen on a Newborn Portrait Session we can include some sibling shots as part of your shoot, but this will reduce the amount of variety of portraits of baby. We would usually only have time to include a single pose with the sibling.

For Newborn lifestyle sessions we have a lot more flexibility with siblings, as we are doing shots in a more natural setting on your sofa or double bed. These sibling shots are great for more shy or nervous siblings because we are shooting in your home so it is a familiar environment for them so they are automatically more relaxed. We can also capture the whole family, including baby and sibling(s).

sibling and newborn portrait photography